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Our background has always been from a very prime perspective which has proved to be very successful for our business over the years we have been established. Many applications we receive are on a first-string basis and this allows us to offer optimum service to our clients. The company's focus is on working with quality small to medium size retailers and providing them with a full diverse panel of lenders which may not ordinarily be available to them. Working with Motion Finance 2017 Limited allows our retailers to get on with what they do best, buying and selling cars, and not worrying about getting finance approvals and delivering the right packages to their customers. This means minimal time and effort is put in whilst still enjoying the financial rewards that come from car finance.

At Motion Finance, going the extra mile is really what has put us on the map today. Having a 7 day a week operation from the day we started has certainly proved its worth. Account manager's phones are switched on 24/7 to assist with the most complex queries. This work ethic and desire to succeed has been instilled in all of our staff from the beginning. From Directors to Admin we want to lead by example. No one is here for an easy ride and no one wants to let their teammates down. 

All the staff have the ethos that they will stay until the job is done. Jobs are not left unfinished and customers aren't left hanging on. The definition of the extra mile is in the DNA of Motion Finance and this message is very simple "to do more and make a greater effort than anyone else"

With our market-leading dealer portal, MyCreditNet allows our dealer partners access to real time quotes, an accurate proposal management system, and complete transparency throughout the customer journey. MyCreditNet also enables the retailer to have complete control of their finance and their customers. 

About Motion Finance

Our Vision

Motion Finance strives to be the best in its class, delivering first-class service and efficiency. It has taken years of development, training and technology to create one of the UK's leading Finance Brokers. We take a fresh approach to finance whilst ensuring we don't lose sight of our roots. People will always deal with people and we never want to forget this.

To provide market leading financial products to our dealer clients, in a personable, caring and professional manner, is key. Our dedicated staff give 100% every day to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Our Values are:

  • Friendliness - Developing relationships with all of our clients is vitally important to us. 
  • Accountable - Taking responsibility for our clients.
  • Dedication - Dedicated account managers, who are committed to delivering Knowledge, Support and Flexibility.
  • Teamwork - Working together to achieve our goals and vision.

Loved by its customers - Trusted by its funders - Respected by its peers.
We have spent a lifetime making sure the job is done right.

Our Team - Where two heads are better than one.

At Motion Finance, we believe that the only way to build a company to have great success and scale is to build a great team.
Teamwork is the only way to get things done. There is something very powerful about bringing together a group of people who are all on the same page, and working towards one ultimate goal: success.

We believe that the old adage of two heads being better than one still holds true. A cohesive team and creation new and fresh ideas is a key component of today’s achievement.

At Motion Finance, we know we have the perfect mix. Ambitious young talent working alongside hardworking, experienced individuals gives us a real head start in the industry. Every single member of the team plays a crucial part in the process. Our vibrant and exciting workplace offers the company and staff the ability to become more familiar with each other and build on strong bonds making working together even more efficient. There are several ways which we at Motion Finance believe that teamwork plays a vital role to the success of the company and to the development of each employee. As these values are instilled in every employee, we all understand that adopting these important elements is sure to assist in developing company policies geared toward encouraging company success and development.


A team that works well together understands each member's strengths and weaknesses. This allows team leaders to assign tasks to the most qualified people. Motion Finance encourages staff to learn from their peers and take on new roles to build their skills. This helps us maintain a highly capable and competent team.


Efficient teams complete tasks quickly and accurately, which allows companies to take on more work and generate more revenue. At Motion Finance, teamwork is maximized because every team must work with each other. Teams are aware of their own abilities and weaknesses, and they are comfortable discussing them. This helps the company work most effectively.


Meetings are often held at Motion Finance in order to discuss how best to solve company issues. When a team works well together, it allows staff members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions.

Team members through these discussions are more aware of problems and through teamwork better ways in which these can be resolved. They become accustomed to harvesting useful information and providing effective plans to combat any issues and the company benefits from the wide variety of suggestions that come from team members.


There are challenges each day in any workplace, and a strong team environment can act as a support mechanism, helping everyone improve their performance and work together towards improving their professional development.

Team members also come to rely on each other and trust each other - bonds which are undoubtedly important when the team faces a particularly difficult challenge. More importantly, the strong support ethic at Motion Finance means these bonds are carried outside of work meaning that those who work at Motion Finance see their team members as not only colleagues but more importantly, good friends.

  • Knowledge and experience

    To deliver industry-leading financial solutions to our dealership clients, with a personalized, caring, and professional approach. Our committed team consistently strives for excellence in all aspects of their work, dedicating themselves fully every day.

    Our management team at Motion Finance has been continually immersed in the vehicle finance industry for over two decades. The knowledge and expertise we have accumulated throughout this period enables us to yield the desired results and data for both our finance providers and dealership clients. Several of our account managers, with over 30 years of industry experience, have grown to become some of the most knowledgeable and adept professionals in the current market. Their proficiency ensures unparalleled on-site service for our dealership clients, keeping them updated with financial products and helping them maintain regulatory compliance. It's quite typical for our team to manage the entire transaction process from the initial customer interaction and applicant details collection to finalizing the deal. This all-inclusive approach means our dealership clients can fully leverage our services and expertise.

    We consider every member of our organization as equally crucial, regardless of their role from director to entry-level positions. No one stands above others, and we all collaborate towards a common objective. We are committed to providing top-notch training to enhance our skills in this ever-changing market, allowing us to serve our finance providers and dealership clients to the highest possible standards.

  • Results & Statistics

    The leadership at Motion Finance has a continuous 20-year history in the auto finance sector. The depth of knowledge and proficiency we've gathered over these decades enables us to consistently deliver precise results and analytics to both our finance partners and clients. In fact, some of our account managers have thrived in the finance industry for over 30 years.

    Our approach has consistently been from a prime perspective, a strategy that has greatly contributed to our success over the years. We take pride in that a significant number of applications we handle come from repeat customers, which speaks volumes about the efficacy of our service. This success stems from our dedication to work with high-quality small and medium-sized retailers and provide them access to a wide array of lenders that they might not typically have access to. Collaborating with Motion Finance allows our retail partners to focus on what they excel at - buying and selling cars, without the stress of securing finance approvals or arranging the right packages for their customers. They can enjoy the benefits of car finance with minimal effort.

    Historically, Motion Finance has prioritized prime finance. However, in early 2011, we expanded our offerings by establishing a non-prime finance department. This expansion has enabled us to offer and further refine additional products and services for our retail network. Our prime and non-prime departments operate independently, enhancing overall efficiency. The non-prime team can be contacted through the same office numbers.

    This year, we've had the honour of working closely with the leading names in the non-prime market. We have actively participated in the development of their product range, signaling the reshaping of this sector.

  • We Listen

    We really do listen to our customers.

    Discovering what our customers are experiencing and really hearing what they have to say about us, is not only good practice, but it's what makes our business tick.

    There's nothing that is more effective for us than improving the quality of our product or service than listening to our customers. Often businesses don't solicit their customers' opinions, however, we feel that delighting the customer, and increasing customer satisfaction is what we strive towards as a business. Every business needs clients and it is important that we offer our customers fast, reliable and effective service to keep our customers satisfied. Hearing what clients have to say is arguably the most effective way to develop ourselves as a business.

    Usually, every business assumes that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for money, and the best customer service. Yes, these things are up there but amongst these important points, one thing we really want to focus on is consumer experience. We know that taking a car on finance is one of the biggest decisions any person will have to make, therefore the experience the customer has with us has never been more important.  

Finance Houses

At Motion Finance, we pride ourselves on maintaining one of the most diverse funding panels in the industry, positioning us as your ultimate one-stop shop for all automotive finance needs. Our significant investments in cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled workforce not only enable us to maintain market-leading efficiencies with our lenders but also guarantee the right outcome for our customers every time.

To ensure optimal deal structuring, we operate with a stringent customer search policy. Understanding our lenders' policies and procedures in depth is paramount for us to secure the most suitable deal at the first attempt. We offer an unrivalled product portfolio, with loans ranging from £1,000 to £200,000 demonstrating our comprehensive lending capability.

Our range of financial products is extensive, including Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, PCP, Personal Loans, and Lease plans, among others. We exercise exceptional discernment in selecting the funders we partner with, as we believe that our current panel aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellent service.