Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge & Experience

Over 20 years of Motor Finance experience

As an independent motor finance broker our mission statement when we started out was;


‘’to provide market leading financial products to our dealer clients in a personable, caring and professional manner. Our dedicated staff give 100% every day to achieve excellence in everything they do.’’


The management team at Motion Finance have been involved in the motor finance industry none stop for over 20 years. The knowledge and experience we have gained over this time allows us to deliver the right results and statistics to our finance providers and dealer clients alike. Some of our account managers have enjoyed careers in the finance industry for over 30 years which has led them to become some of the best and most experienced in today's market. This means they can provide a second to none on the ground service to our dealer clients, keeping them informed of financial products as well as ensuring their regulatory compliance. It is not uncommon for the team to handle the complete transaction process from initial customer contact obtaining applicant details through to closing the deal and signing the deal meaning our dealer clients get the full benefit of our service and expertise.


Everyone in our business are equally as important from director to junior level, nobody is better than each other and we all work together for the same outcome. We strive to provide high quality training to develop our skill set in an ever evolving market. This means we can serve our finance providers and dealer clients to the highest possible standard.